Podcast Live at Stonehenge: A Near Death Experience & Meeting the Goddess Hel

Today, I have a VERY different episode to share with you, recorded with my mobile podcasting setup directly from #STONEHENGE! That’s right. The ancient stone circle in England. This involved packing a some gear into my backpack and walking around with some wires sticking out of my pocket, but it was worth it. And I trust you know how to Subscribe →

In this episode, I have a spontaneous interview with Mike, a druid who tells a harrowing near death experience story! (I swear I attract #NDEstories at this point.) We learn about the Norse #GoddessHel and get a feeling for what it’s like to visit Stonehenge on the #SummerSolstice!

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Mahalo & Thank you for supporting this one-of-a-kind podcast! I hope this helped you imagine what it feels like to visit Stonehenge. More such experiences are coming up!

And this week’s member-exclusive bonus is something a bit different, a 4K video of where I went right after this interview, Avebury, the largest stone circle, by diameter, in Europe! It’s quite haunting in the morning light.

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