Podcast: Rachel Michelle on Feminine Power, Shadow Work, & Witches 💃

Powerful new Ascendant Podcast episode today, all about #FemininePower, belief systems, and WITCHINESS! And I trust you know how to find the podcast ASCENDANT by now →

Rachel has a fascinating story of growing up between Germany and America, consciously deciding to leave her religion, researching paganism, tapping back into her grandmother’s wisdom, and lots of personal growth. Trigger warning: if you don’t like witches or non-western religion, you may want to skip this one. Also: What IS a witch? We explore this, and much more, in this juicy, often hilarious, conversation. 😂 (This is also the first episode wherein me reading the Dictionary could get me in trouble. #WitchFish)

We delve into beliefs being like software that run in the mind. Can you judge a belief system from the outside looking in? How to leave a scarce or narrow view? What does spiritual maturity mean? We explore that, and more, in this episode.

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