Photo: Best Nine of 2019

What a year. Even though I got hit by a car, I somehow managed to launch two books in 2019. And that was only the beginning. If you shared the island with me at any point in 2019, thank you. 💗

Now let’s create a 2020 that’s even more compassionate, honest, loving, patient, and ABUNDANT Good things in store. Can you feel it? 💪

Best Nine Photos of 2019

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Photo: Top 9 of 2018 (& Hawaii Adventure Book Giveaway!)

Aloha, my friends! In case you didn’t see my recent story, I am GIVING AWAY my brand new Hawaii adventure book, Ten Thousand Hours in Paradise: Vol 1, to anyone who signs up to my mailing list →

All you have to do is sign up there and you’ll quickly get instructions on how to download the book for free! 📚 (And to anyone who SHARES this post, I’ll send you a special gift if you shoot me a message about your share) When you finish it, all I ask is that, if you enjoy it, you leave a review on Amazon. It REALLY helps.

(Btw, I only send out a newsletter once, maybe twice, per month, and I work really hard on the messages. I really respect my email subscribers and only send out relevant stuff, again, once occasionally twice each month.)

I’ve never done this before with such a new book, and I’m only doing it until Thursday night. By December 28 this free giveaway will be over and it will be back up to $7.99 — consider this my Christmas gift to all of you have taken the time to follow along with me on this journey. I appreciate it so very much, and I can’t wait to share Volume 2 of this series with you next year. Mahalo 🌺

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Top 9 of 2018 (and Hawaii Adventure Book Giveaway!)