The Truth Beyond the Sky will be free! 2-day Promo (Round 1)


I’ve got some exciting news. For two consecutive days this week, “The Truth Beyond the Sky” will be completely FREE on the Amazon Kindle store for a very limited time.

Those of you who subscribe to the Aravinda Loop already know about the single free day I did as an experiment about two weeks ago on February 21st. And guess what? Nearly 300 books were downloaded that day! It was incredible, and I’m excited to be doing it again.

If you’ve been on the fence about buying the book, now is the time to grab it. So be sure to check out it’s Amazon page on Wednesday & Thursday (March 6th-7th). Remember, it will only be free on those 2 days. Subscribers to the Aravinda Loop mailing list (on the right) will also receive a reminder about these free days, as well as advanced notice for future free days.

And while you’re at it, why not click the “Give as a Gift” button on far right side of the Amazon page and send it to any of your friends who also like Science Fiction? After all, it won’t cost you a thing during the free days. Update: I’ve just discovered that once the book goes free, the “Gift” button disappears. Amazon currently doesn’t allow this. How silly… however, now that the free day is over, you’re more than welcome to gift it to your friends. 🙂

Give as a Gift

Anyway, thanks again for supporting an independent author! I couldn’t do this without you.

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