How to get the first 2 Chapters of “The Truth Beyond the Sky” for Free

I have three important announcements for you all today. Yes, yes.

The Truth Beyond the Sky side cover spine

1: The Synopsis page complete!

The About the Novel page is up, featuring a description of the book, some photos, and the release date. If the description intrigues you at all, feel free to retweet or like that page (or this article!). As an indie-author, I really appreciate use your support! It helps more than you know.

2: Free Blogger Review Copies

If you’re a blogger or other professional who wants to write a review of “The Truth Beyond the Sky”, I am offering free review copies of the book in PDF or ebook form.

The catch?

You have to have a website, blog, newsletter, or some other publication where you can post your own review of the book, of course. You also have to agree to publish your review before January 31st, 2013, in a place where other people can see it. Your review must also link to the book’s Amazon page (Amazon affiliate links are fine).

If this interests you, feel free to contact me.

3: The VERY SPECIAL EXCERPT is hatched

And, most exciting of all, for the first time I have made available a SPECIAL EXCERPT of the book. Last week, you all got to see the outside of the book for the first time. But now, you can finally delve into the story.

The excerpt is presented as a gorgeous high-quality PDF and contains the first two chapters of my upcoming novel “The Truth Beyond the Sky.”

And there’s only one way to get it.

All you need to do is to sign up for email updates, and you’ll automatically receive the very secret download link to the excerpt. (The signup form is below, and you can unsubscribe at any time, of course.)

Once you start reading it, I’ve been told that it’s difficult to stop. And when you finish it, feel free to let me know what you thought by replying to an email update or sending me a message. Thanks! 🙂

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