The Truth Beyond the Sky: The Perfect Sci-Fi Geek Gift, Free in December!

The tides are turning in powerful, remarkable ways.
Two Bits this time; both timely.

Bit 1

The sequel to your favorite Mythic SF novel is nearing beta release, which means beta-readers are going to get a taste of it quite soon. Once I get enough beta-reader feedback, I’ll proceed to the final editing round, and reveal the name, as well. (If you want to join the beta-reader team, just contact me.)

The Truth Beyond the Sky on the shelf next to Orson Scott Card!

Wow, that is absurdly blue.

Bit 2

THE TRUTH BEYOND THE SKY will be released for free for 4 days, starting Christmas Eve! It’ll be hitting all kinds of Kindle giveaway sites, too. So be sure to head on over to its Kindle page to get it, if you haven’t already. I expect a lot of new Kindle owners are going to take advantage of this, and that makes me smile. It’s a Festivus Miracle!

And since it’s free, why not tell your friends? It makes for the perfect geek gift. As a recent 5-star review says, the book has a wide appeal among Sci-Fi fans, especially if they like Star Wars.

What if you don’t have any SF-loving friends? Well, you can still share this article or Like my post on MyFace on Dec 24th and after. It really does help. The more attention we get before Book 2’s mega-release, the better.

Have a Happy ‘Orbit-around-the-Sun’ Day!


with a galaxy of gratitude,
Andrew Crusoe