Photo: Raw Alignment Self-Care Challenge Day 3: What makes your soul shine?

For Day 3 of the #RawAlignmentChallenge, we’re focusing on dreaming & what makes our soul shine.

Well, I went thru thousands of photos I’ve taken over the years, and this photo really got to me. My Hawaii friends will probably recognize the scene; it’s the #RedRoad, on the southeastern edge of Hawaii! This photo always reminds me of the magic of the Red Road, and the REMARKABLE, open-hearted people I met during my 1st adventure to Hawaii. (I even wrote a book about it. Stay tuned for adventure 2, coming this year).

Anyway, the affirmation of the day is “If I can dream it, I can do it.”

When we focus on what sets our hearts on fire, we can manifest our dreams a lot faster in my experience. Thanks to Alyse for being a constant reminder of this. 🌺 #selfcarechallenge

The Magic of Hawaii Red Road cliffs