Photo: Raw Alignment Self-Care Challenge Day 5: Someone I Really Appreciate

Day 5 of the #RawAlignmentChallenge!

Today’s prompt is to post a picture of someone we really appreciate & share why we’re grateful for them. I reflected on this a lot, and I’d like to honor my good friend & herpetology expert Andrew Durso! We met when I lived in Utah, and he (& his partner Kendal) have been SO supportive of me, in many ways, over the years. I am so thankful for their friendship! Durso has been a level head when I needed advice and was an incredible beta-reader for Volume 1 of TEN THOUSAND HOURS IN PARADISE. If you like snakes, you should check out his excellent blog:

The affirmation of the day is: “I feel inspired, worthy and unstoppable.” And Durso and Kendal help bring those feelings out in me. Mahalo nui loa! 🌺 #selfcarechallenge

Andrew Durso in an igloo in Utah