Photo: Raw Alignment Self-Care Challenge Day 7: Create Your Own Affirmation

Day 7 of the #RawAlignmentChallenge! Today, you create your OWN affirmation, a phrase that truly resonates with you.

Today, my affirmation is: “I easily attract ABUNDANCE into my life.”

This includes an abundance of money, positive social connections, and ADVENTURE. Positive affirmations are affirmation of what you want in life, what you want to feel, be, do, etc.

After you’ve written one down, the 2nd step is to believe that it is already true about you & your life. And then, post the affirmation all over the place! So that’s why the call to action today is to share it!

Ideas of how to see your affirmation as much as possible:

  • Set it as your phone lock screen
  • Set it as your wakeup alarm
  • Print it out
  • And/Or make it your desktop background!

This #SelfCareChallenge has been a blast & I want to thank Alyse once again for creating it. If you’re not familiar with her work, be sure to look her up on youtube; she’s a beacon of positivity, and I hope to interview her for my #ConsciousEntrepreneur series since she’s such an empowering example of a conscious business owner and powerful manifester in her own life ❤️

Addition: In a crazy coincidence, this is also the 800th post to this blog! Wow!

Altar at Kehena Beach

Photo: Raw Alignment Self-Care Challenge Day 6: My Safe Space

Day 6 of the #RawAlignmentChallenge!

Today’s task is to pick an area to sort through and triage items that are no longer serving you. Then, post a pic of your safe space and say what you love most about it.

Well, this is my desk, where I’m most productive. It used to be my grandfather’s before he passed away. (RIP Grandpa, I miss you.) Anyway, the desk is so fancy that it came with a sheet of glass over it to protect the wood.

What I love most about this space is that the desk is the perfect size for me; it’s easy to be a #minimalist it this space. I also love that I can have a wall to my back, which I find to be much better psychologically. (Maybe it’s Feng Shui?) It’s on this desk that I’ve done most of the editing for my upcoming True Hawaii adventures book!

The affirmation of the day is: “I let go of tangible items that are no longer serving me.”

I already do this regularly, but it’s always good to have a reminder to let go of stuff. I was happy to let go of some things today that I’d been looking at and not doing anything about for far too long!

Once again a big MAHALO to RawAlignment for creating this #SelfCareChallenge – I’ve been really enjoying it!

My minimalist desk in Wisconsin with MacBook Air