Should I, an Independent Author, make my Dreams & Desires Public?

Last night put me in a perplexing position.

Whenever I took an object, like a bowl of food or a banana, I found a new one in its place. It was as if the Universe itself had given me some kind of power, and it was my responsibility to wield it consciously.

I looked down and noticed a gold medallion around my neck that I didn’t remember getting, and I instantly suspected that this newfound power of manifestation was given to me by the medallion. I relished in this new power. Wherever I went, whenever I needed something, it was available in abundance, and after some time, I felt a question being posed to me at a near-unconscious level:


The medallion was the Universe, and it was asking me a question, so I stopped and spoke the question out loud. “What do I want?”

A moment later I found myself lying in a tousled mess, tangled in blankets.

What a dream! And how incredible would it be to instantly manifest whatever you wanted?

I must admit, this island is an amazing place to manifest your desires. It may not happen instantly, but “be careful what you wish for” has become one of my mantras here on Hawaii. And this dream was the latest in a series of nudges from the Universe to broadcast my desires publicly.

You see, I’ve noticed that my desires manifest faster when I share them.

Kalapana Cliffs by patch of Forest

Should I make my Dreams Public?

If you were me, would you make your deepest dreams public? For a long time, I resisted this idea. Despite having a very social side, I’m a pretty private person.

Yet lately, I wonder if this attitude is truly serving me, and I’ve been considering shamelessly broadcasting my desires to the public internet, the living, breathing archive of the modern world.

In the end, perhaps Steve Pavlina’s inspiration has finally sunk in, all the way to the core of my mind. You see, Steve proudly proclaims what he’s looking for, broadcasting his desires, often publicly on this blog, even if they are far from politically correct or not considered socially acceptable (such as his interest in D/s).

He totally gets flak for this, but not from as many people as you’d think. Most importantly, the people who do agree with him provide him social support, often helping him reach his goals much, much faster than he could on his own.

In the beginning, he knew he might lose friends over doing this, but honestly, how compatible are your friends if they don’t support you in your deepest desires? Over time, he’s used broadcasting his desires as a very useful social filtering tool, and today the right people are attracted into his social circle, people who support him in his goals and vice versa. (Yes, they do exist! I can personally vouch for that.)

Because really, how is anyone going to know what you’re into unless you broadcast it courageously? And once you do, it powerfully opens them up to do the same. You might be surprised at how some of your friends share the same secrets as you! But it doesn’t have to be this way. By being scary-honest, like attracts like, and the right people come together to support each other. And if some people don’t agree with you, that’s fine! People are going to feel what they feel, and it has absolutely nothing to do with you. If you are true to yourself, the right people will feel drawn to you. Don’t worry about the others. They’ll find what they need to find, too.

Will you join me in this experiment?

So today, I’m going to do something that I’ve never done before, something firmly outside of my comfort zone.

You see, every morning, my Mac automatically opens a file called “Setting Intentions.” And every morning, I make a new entry, usually the same as the day before, but sometimes with minor alterations if they resonate with me more.

By doing this, I reach greater and greater clarity on my desires.

I’ve decided to share it here, as a personal experiment, to see if these desires manifest faster now that I’m about to share them on the public internet, WHERE NOTHING IS EVER FORGOTTEN BECAUSE GOOGLE KNOWS ALL.

It sounds like I’m being facetious, but I’m not. This is a point-of-no-return type-thing, and by reading this, you get to join me in this experiment. So here goes. Here’s what I wrote this morning:



  • My life is becoming of me. Every day, my reality becomes more and more aligned with my deepest, most positive desires.
  • I am a well-known Science Fiction writer, writing full-time, living comfortably, abundantly, and joyfully in my own place on Hawaii.
  • I am also in an incredibly loving, uplifting, non-possessive, durable relationship with a wise, beautiful, geeky, openly affectionate, adorable, empathic, vegetarian/vegan woman. We establish & reinforce the HIGHEST LOVING ENERGY. We are so incredibly in love, though we keep healthy spaces in our togetherness. We make a GREAT team.
  • I write 3,000 words per week for Book 2.
  • I am joyful and ever-so-thankful for my incredible life of JOY, service, abundance, and SHEER AWESOMENESS.
  • I am vibrantly healthy and exercise every day; I will live vibrantly to the wise old age of 111 years.
  • Everything is working out for the highest good of all.

(Also worth mentioning that “beautiful” is entirely subjective. I’m not talking about what society deems as beautiful here. Same with what I consider geeky. I have my own taste which is subjective.)

Hala Tree by cliff

I write this every morning.

It’s changed over time, but the core has remained the same. It predicted me coming to Hawaii; it predicted positive reviews on my first book; and it predicts my impending success. And rest assured that I will share publicly what I learn on this journey of reaching the vision I’ve outlined above. It’s been a remarkable journey, and it’s only just begun.

Because really, all I want is to write full-time, to make a livable income from The Epic of Aravinda series and the other content I create. I know it’s only a matter of time before that happens.

I’ve been put here to write, and write specifically about the massive cycle of growth that we are in right now, in a unique way that promotes discussion and awareness. Our species is in a critical time, but thankfully we are supported and loved in ways that we don’t even fully realize yet.

One of the greatest encouragements I heard this year was from a friend of mine on the island who said, “You speak positive catalyst into people’s lives.” His words touched me because he explained that “positive catalyst” meant new information that encouraged people to grow. And that is what I seek for my work: to be an instrument to accelerate that positive catalyst and grow happiness and joy, wherever the seeds can take root.

What about you? Have you ever tried anything like this? Feel free to take inspiration from what I write each morning. It would make me very happy if everyone started their day by writing the four words that attract the bliss we are all moving toward:

I love my life.