How to Let Go of Guilt & Instead of Fear, Be Motivated by Love

Bear chasing a bikerEver feel like you’re only working hard because you’re secretly scared out of your mind?

Often when I don’t accomplish a certain number of tasks in a day, I feel guilty. And I know I’m not alone.

“Of course,” people say, “you’ve got to find when you’re most productive. If you get more work done before 10:00 than the entire rest of the day, then obviously you want to think about waking up earlier to further increase your productivity.”

That makes perfect sense. But I’ve come to realize that, in the grander scheme of things, it doesn’t even matter what you get done in a single given day. What matters is the long-term. What projects did you push forward this week? This month? The year, so far?

Truth is, we all have up days and down days, but what matters most is what happens on a year to year basis.

To Love is to Be Happy With

Take last Saturday, for instance. I didn’t plan on writing this article. In fact, for all intents and purposes, I had a lazy day. I made gluten-free pancakes for my lady and I; we watched Once More with Feeling for a second time; and I did some chores around the house. Pretty much the opposite of an earth-shattering day.

But I love to move. I love to have ideas. And the idea for this article popped into my head, and I wrote it with no premeditation or outlining, in under a half hour.

Why? Because the idea of it made me feel good. It made me feel happy. That feeling motivated me to act.

But not all of our actions are motivated by excitement, are they? In college, I noticed that most people were motivated by fear. Fear that they were on the wrong track, of not being “successful,” or fear of disappointing their parents (or worse, themselves). This fear grew within them, like a ravenous bear that seemed more powerful than anything else.

Yet there is another, more powerful way to motivate yourself.

It’s love. The opposite of fear is always love, and in this case, love is the happiness you feel when you do a task. In fact, many ancient Hawaiians believed that “to love is to be happy with.” That was their definition of love. Consider this for a moment.

Every time I hear that definition, I can feel my mind expanding. And having written two books, co-produced an audiobook, and written hundreds of shorter articles, I can personally vouch that happiness is a much better motivator than fear for actually creating a product of quality.

The key is to cultivate a state of mind where you are open to your creative nature. When I focus on what I’m grateful for, it grows my love of life, and creativity is the natural result.

Growing Disillusioned in all the Right Ways

Frankly, I’ve grown disillusioned with the cycle of shaming myself for having an unproductive day, and not only because it isn’t healthy. More importantly, it just isn’t effective in making me more productive!

What about you?

Is fear or guilt making you more productive?

Are you happy with your current thought-habits in your work? If you are, then you don’t need to change anything. But if something about this article gets under your skin or makes you question, what is that indicating? How many more years do you want to live with a negative thought-cycle? How long will you keep feeding the bear?

Shame doesn’t work to create something of true value. Excitement, happiness, and love are the highest energy motivations. To do it because you’re happy to is a force to be reckoned with. Realize the power you have in this present moment to tune back into joy, back into gratitude for what you have.

At the very least, you have Life, and that means you have power.

p.s. Over the weekend, The Truth Beyond the Sky (book 1) was accepted into all other major ebook stores, so now it’s available in: Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Paperback, & Audiobook. Really excited to open up the book to entirely new markets around the planet!

Are you doing what you came here to do? Why the Law of One Inspires Me

When I meditated this morning, the thought of my demise came to mind.

Now, while you may have reflections that this is a morbid line of thought, hold on for a minute. Keeping in mind our eventual death can be a wonderful clarifier. After all, if you know you’re going to die someday, if you really keep that in mind, then how tolerant will you be of wasting your time?

Our perception of how valuable something is tends to be inversely proportional to the abundance of it, and when I think of my life as limited, I tend to be much more circumspect about how I spend each day, even if, as I suspect, I still have 70+ years left on this planet.

Doves in an Elvish Tree painting

Even so, I pictured myself lying there, on my deathbed, my closest friends and family surrounding me (along with some flying robots, now that I think about it). And as I lay there reflecting on my life, one question kept coming back to me: Had I done what I’d come here to do?

Had I fulfilled my purpose in coming here?

If you’re anywhere west of Rome, you might think I’m a little fruity for believing we have multiple lives on our path of growth, choosing a purpose and a set of lessons for each life.

Rest assured that the evidence is out there should you give it an honest examination. (And if you’re in the East, you’re most likely already quite familiar with this perspective.) Of course, even if past lives aren’t the case, you still have a purpose in being here.

The Law of One

For years now, I’ve known that one of my main purposes in this life is to write about these truths, touching as many people as I can. So when I make it a goal to reach 100 reviews for The Truth Beyond the Sky on Amazon, it’s not because I want to make a certain amount of money. It’s because I honestly do believe that the Law of One teachings that form the backbone of that book (and upcoming books) create a clear, unifying philosophy for all life. They provide a coherent definition of what good and evil really is, their role in the evolution of the universe, and how the concept of Evolution goes far beyond our Earthly perspective. Most importantly, it has the potential to finally unify the scientific and spiritual perspectives into one cohesive system of thought.

Published by L/L Research, The Law of One books are based on the principle that all really is one; and other truths, like free will, flow logically from that. The books provide a clear and complete cosmology on how life in this galaxy started, why personal growth mirrors planetary growth, and so on.

The books have been around since the 1980s, but they haven’t reached critical mass yet. And even though I have no affiliation with the authors, I believe so strongly that they can change the world (along with many others in the L/L community), that one of my major goals with the Epic of Aravinda is to draw more attention to them. Even if people don’t take the books literally, there is so much potential for healing and understanding to take place from people reading and discussing them.

Because the more we stop seeing ourselves as separate from one another, the more progress we can make on solving global problems like world hunger and organized greed. Such qualities can only be tolerated by an immature species, and it’s time we grew past that.

Point being, this is much bigger than me.
It’s bigger than you.
It’s bigger than all of us.

And so, I feel great conviction about The Truth Beyond the Sky and the upcoming sequels. Not just because they’re good stories, but because of the eternal messages woven into them.

Spreading this message is a big part of what I am here to do. So when I forgo potentially more profitable avenues to allow time to make the Epic of Aravinda the best it can be, I feel completely congruent about it. Because, at the end of the century, I’d much rather have the entire series completed and enjoyed by millions than have plenty of “stuff” but never have completed it.

I have such a breathtaking dance to share with you, and I know that I couldn’t die in peace not having shared it. That is the real reason I’m a writer.

What about you? Have you meditated on what you’re really here to do? If you’re feeling lost, look to what excites you. Consider what you daydream doing. That’s usually a clue. And when you find it, go after it. Sometimes it takes time to work your way up to the place you desire, but just make sure you’re on the path that leads there. Being on the path is what counts. Follow your heart; remember to actually deliver what you create, and people will respond. Do what you came here to do. Nothing his more important than that.

More on The Island on the Edge of Forever soon…