Photo: Blooms in Olbrich Botanical Garden

Echoes of October. Whenever I feel overwhelmed or scared of the future, I like to ask myself, where is the future? Can I touch it? Can I see it?

Only in my mind.

So much of what I've ever been afraid of has only existed in my mind. I've never faced a bear or a wily rogue agent. So where do my anxieties go? To the same places that most modern people go: abstract fears. Fear is normal, but I don't let it control me. We have to know what we want and pursue it with courage. Otherwise, we are living a shadow of the life we could be living.

But we CAN live in the light. We can build each other up and inspire each other to be our greatest selves. To this end, I like to write down my desires & what excites me for the future.

Follow what fires you up; it's your heart's way of talking to you! The future only exists in our minds, which means we have great power over it. What will you do with that power? What will you create?

Blooms in Olbrich Botanical Garden