Photo: Haiku on Impermanence (Annica at Boiling Pots Park, Hilo, HI)

River in the rain
⁣⁣See people flow in & out

⁣⁣Wiseman asks:
⁣⁣Thing to depend on?
⁣⁣Why do you need that?
⁣(Inspired by a Alan Watts talk wherein monks seem perfectly happy not proposing any ideas, only demolishing them. “Why do you have to have something to depend on?” I’ve been reflecting a lot on this lately, and it will probably be a major theme in my next novel.)

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Photo: Page from “Be Here Now” by Ram Das (Kehena Beach)

On the 1st, I was handed a Ram Dass book & this page in particular struck me. We often get so caught up with the minutia & drama of everyday life, but if we are to attain true peace, we must realize the impermanence, the #anicca, of everything that we see. Yes it’s often easier said than done!

With each year I realize in new ways that the people who are meant to be in my life will be. As long as I hold true to my values of integrity, openness, humor, playfulness, diligence, and even a little mischievousness, I will naturally attract what I need on my life journey. We are all on our paths, and perhaps the best one can hope for is to walk alongside those who we can work with. Not a bad way to start off the year, after all 🌞

Page from Be Here Now by Ram Das (Kehena Beach)