0203: Meet Drew Morgan, Creator of HunnyBee Vegan Dating App

Drew Morgan headshot

Drew Morgan – Creator of HunnyBee

Time for a new episode of Aravinda Show!

Today, I’m so excited to share a truly unforgettable conversation with Drew Morgan, creator of HunnyBee, the #1 Vegan & Vegetarian dating app on the App Store. Drew shares some incredible family stories about the power of dietary choices on our health, his jumping into veganism basically cold turkey, and the story of how he took a powerful idea and turned it into a #1 app.

Listen at the link below ↓

Honestly, I am so grateful and proud of how this interview turned out. As you may have heard, Season 2 is focused on conscious entrepreneurs, and this episode is another perfect example of entrepreneurial spirit. Mahalo, Drew!

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Thanks & Mahalo!

Show Notes

HunnyBee dating app logo

  1. HunnyBee Dating App website: HunnyBeeDating.com
  2. The Christine Salus video that’s mentioned: STORYTIME: Death Threats on a Tinder Date + New VEGAN Tinder!
  3. Excellent documentary we mentioned: Food Inc. on Netflix
  4. Another powerful documentary: Forks Over Knives on Netflix
  5. Alyse’s Raw Alignment website: Raw-Alignment.com
  6. How to Create Real Value (a powerful article by Steve Pavlina that changed how I look at the concept of value itself)
  7. HunnyBee on Instagram: Instagram.com/DateHunnyBee/