0205: Meet Megan Elizabeth, YouTube Star & Raw Vegan Expert (interview)

Megan Elizabeth – Raw Vegan Expert

Megan Elizabeth – Raw Vegan Expert

UPDATE: In the intervening years since this interview came out, my old podcast, Aravinda Show, has been retired. To listen to this classic episode, see the episode list over at the podcast page →

I am so excited to share a new episode of Aravinda Show.

Today’s guest is raw vegan gourmet chef, author, YouTuber, and all-around lovely person, Megan Elizabeth!

If you like raw vegan food, you’ve no doubt seen her videos. (She created one of the very first popular raw vegan YouTube channels.) And in this interview, we explore the power of what we eat, Megan’s journey of healing her body, from being bedridden to having a vibrant life on the Big Island of Hawaii, and so much more. There’s a lot in this interview, and I’m so excited to share it all with you.

We start with her backstory on how she got to the islands, and then we delve into the power of diet, how her approach to YouTube has evolved over time, how her diet coaching works, the importance of staying true to yourself, the power of personality types, and some tips on how to be a conscious entrepreneur.

This was definitely one of the most enjoyable (and hilarious) interviews that I’ve ever done, and I want to extend a huge thanks to Megan once again: Thank you for being generous with your time and sharing so much with us!

Enjoy, and be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss any of the rare interviews I have coming up.

Thanks & Mahalo!

Show Notes

You In Bloom book cover

  1. Megan Elizabeth’s YouTube channel
  2. Megan Elizabeth’s journey with acne & Accutane: MY ACNE STORY // DON’T TAKE ACCUTANE UNTIL YOU WATCH THIS
  3. Documentary about the lava that threatened to cut off Puna from the world: Aloha From LavaLand
  4. Conor & Brittany interview Megan and Joey about their relationship: MEGAN & JOEY Share Their Open Relationship Experiences
  5. 16 Personalities Myer’s Briggs site that we talk about: 16Personalities.com
  6. Megan Elizabeth’s EasyToBeRaw channel: YouTube.com/user/EasyToBeRaw/
  7. Arnold’s Way channel: YouTube.com/user/ArnoldsWay/
  8. Megan’s health story: My Weird Health Story // Why I Eat Cooked Food Now
  9. The Woodstock Fruit Festival (one of the best vegan festivals on the planet): TheWoodstockFruitFestival.com
  10. More about Megan’s Vegan Retreats! MeganElizabeth.com/Retreat/
  11. Alyse’s Raw Alignment website (mentioned during the zip-line story): Raw-Alignment.com
  12. Megan’s hilarious Vegan Ice Cream Taste Test video (with friends): VEGAN ICE CREAM TASTE TEST 🍦 Coconut Bliss // Julie’s // AND Wink?
  13. Vegan documentary Megan recommends: PeaceableKingdomFilm.org
  14. Enjoy Megan’s beautiful photos on Instagram: Instagram.com/MeganElizabethHawaii/
  15. And please check out her inspiring vegan recipe books: MeganElizabeth.com/Books/