Sitting at the Edge of Kalapana Cliff Video (Full-Moon at Uncle Robert’s)

As I was walking along the Kalapana cliffs at night, admiring the full moon hanging above the Pacific Ocean, I suddenly realized I had my Macbook Air with me.

Why not shoot a short, fun video?

So here’s today’s Hawaii Minute in which we see the eastern coast of the Big Island and reflect about how we consciously decide where we end up.

Please excuse the video quality. The video is more intended to give you a feel of the ambiance than an accurate picture of what the cliff is like.



The rocks are sheer cliffs where I am, going down about 10 meters. There’s no beach down there…

But for a little piece of civilization, I’ve got blueberries, dried blueberries. So that’s what you eat, apparently, on a cliff. And… maybe something will turn out. Maybe it won’t, but that’s Venus if you can see that. And that’s the moon, obviously. And down there is the Pacific Ocean crashing against the — almost the eastern tip of the Big Island of Hawaii.

So, where are you? Where are you?

And have you decided to be there consciously?
Or did you end up there on accident?

Think about it.

3 bits on Sitting at the Edge of Kalapana Cliff Video (Full-Moon at Uncle Robert’s)

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  2. I’d say, I am where I am both consciously and by accident.

    p.s I’ve started blogging again, and I think it’s great that I came upon this post of yours just as I have a post on this topic in the works 🙂