Epic Crab Race at Malama-Ki Forest Reserve Cliffs, Hawaii Video

Welcome to the Hidden Lagoon.

It has many names, as do most places around here in Puna, but not too many know how to get here. (Hint: it’s down a narrow road past Mackenzie Park.)

There, the waves crash at the side of the low, oceanside cliff, kicking up ocean spray and forming little lagoons and puddles over the black lava formations.

Last week, I went there with a couple friends, but this time, something was different. In one of the shallow patches I witnessed a delightful display of Nature as a Game: The Epic Crab Race.



Look at that little guy! Look at that little guy!
I shall name him… Tim!?

It’s a race! The blue one and the white one are racing. Go, go!
My money is on the white one.
Well, he had a head start. It’s not fair.
Go Bob! (Bob is the white one.)
Oh my god!

Da-na-na na-na!
Da-na-na na-na!

This is crazy. This is the best video ever.
The white one’s the winner!
Oh my gosh that was… crazy.