Kehena Beach: “Where Naked Hippies Come to Play” Big Island video

Welcome to The Senic Kehena!

Okay, I give up. I officially have a videolog now. (NOT calling it a vlog)

Ever since I got an iPod that can actually shoot HD video, I’ve been doing what I can to capture glimpses of some of the best places on the island. So yeah, a videolog.

And today, I’m happy to share with you the first in a new HD video series. These videos, all of which will be pretty short (probably all under 90 seconds), are designed to be like island popcorn, edited to show only the interesting bits.

Coming in at just 38 seconds, Video #1 is about Kehena Beach, a clothing-optional venue that isn’t even an official beach. Share & Enjoy!


1080p! (Maybe this will be the first one I post.)
1080p at Kehena…

No, people are just going to laugh at me for singing about video quality. That’s stupid! “Andrew, you’re so crazy!”

Kehena. “Why aren’t YOU here?”
The Senic Kehena: Where Naked Hippies Come to Play!
Da-da-da da daaa!