Epe-e & Uncle Robert’s Band sing “Ride Sally Ride” @ Kalapana, Big Island video

In today’s video, we visit one of my favorite places in all of the Big Island: Uncle Robert’s.

If you haven’t heard of it, Uncle Robert’s is a piece of private land in Kalapana town on the southeast edge of the island. Owned by Uncle Robert and managed by his children, the venue is used for live Hawaiian music, cultural events, and, most famously, their weekly night markets showcasing the best of what the Puna district has to offer.

Of course, the most memorable part of their Wednesday night market is the music, and for almost every week I went there, a man known to most only as Epe-e would sing his heart out. Once, he told me he was the oldest living rocker on the islands, and the video below is a fun example of his talent. Here is Epe-e’s finale of “Ride Sally Ride” which I think is originally by Al Green.



None. It’s all just jams.

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