Aloha Wellness Center’s Grand Opening Concert in Hilo, Big Island, Hawaii video

One of my favorite parts about living on the Big Island were the remarkable community events that I’d get invited to.

Today’s video is a short clip of the Aloha Wellness Center grand opening concert in Hilo, which went well into the night. There was such a great turnout, and Fantuzzi and the other musicians did a fantastic job.

In retrospect, I wish I’d shot more video of this event, but I guess I just got swept up into the music. And something is better than nothing, after all.

Anyway, enjoy the Aloha Wellness Health Center Grand Opening Concert video:


Fantuzzi: Family. We are family. We are family. Thank you so much Great Spirit, for showing us so much life. Showing us so much beauty. For bringing us to the Magic Island of Hawaii. To this place of understanding…

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