The Truth Beyond the Sky, Big Island Book Store, & The Storydam Interview

Welcome back. I missed you. 🙂

I have been in the midst of waves of great change, as well as great waves of productivity.

3 Update Bits

1. Work on the sequel continues to go well, and I’m so excited to share it with you. Looking like sometime next year.

2. has just interviewed yours truly, so I’d like thank them publicly here. In the interview, I share some of my writing secrets & techniques, as well as hint at what happens after The Truth Beyond the Sky: StoryDam Author Q&A – Andrew Crusoe

3. Look at this photo. See anything interesting?

Rows of Books in the Bookstore

Got it yet?

Truth Beyond the Sky on shelf in bookstore


Copies of The Truth Beyond the Sky on shelf

I finally got around to setting up a deal with a local book store, and I am very pleased to announce that The Truth Beyond the Sky is now available at Big Island Book Buyers in both their Pahoa and Hilo, Hawaii locations. So if I happen to be sharing the Big Island with you, feel free to take a peek. 😉

Obviously, the vast majority of my sales are via the Kindle Store, but I felt it was time to see what the more traditional ways were like. The main downside with this setup is that I make very little per copy (less than $1). So if you want a paperback, it’s better to buy it directly from Amazon (or the Kindle store if you want the ebook). Even so, I felt called to do this.

We’ll see how it goes. Thank you again for your support! It means so very much.

3 bits on The Truth Beyond the Sky, Big Island Book Store, & The Storydam Interview

  1. Thanks, Tui & Brett!
    Was a great step. Looking forward to making the next. 😉