My Journey into The Master Cleanse: Day 10

If you haven’t read My Journey into The Master Cleanse (Day 1 of 10) I suggest you read it, as this is a followup entry. It will give background info on what I am doing.

Day 10

Today is the last day of the cleanse. (Though definitely not the final entry in this day by day log! We still have the 3 days of returning to solid food.) No longer will I peel lemons, blend lemons, or smell lemons. After 10 days, I could go months without smelling a lemon again. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy the experience, though. Along the way, my mouth got slightly bad-tasting and then cleared up, my colon flushed out things that I dare not describe here, my skin has accelerated its healing process somewhat, and I’ve reached greater clarity on how I truly want to spend my time and frame my goals.

Undertaking this cleanse is not for the weak willed. One is drawn to this cleanse, it is not forced upon you; and it is easy to fall into temptation and stop before the cleanse is complete. There were many opportunities when I could spoil the process with just a piece of something sweet or salty, but I chose to remain firm because I knew the process was worthless if I cheated. If you find yourself in the midst of temptation while on this path, be strong and remember why you started.

Recommended Learning Experience

Lemon Tree diagram

Overall, I would recommend the experience. The Master Cleanse provides a clean slate from which to build yourself up a new foundation of dietary habits. The Master Cleanse book even provides some recipes and advice on the types of food to eat after the cleanse. By removing the devitalized processed foods from my diet, I’m dodging plenty of “sickness bullets”.

In the end, the Master Cleanse did not affect my creative potential, but it did help facilitate it. By omitting meals, the cleanse allowed me to work for longer periods and thenceforth accomplish more from day to day. With a newfound perspective, I will continue with greater awareness of my digestive cycle, and I look forward to expanding in this new healthy foundation. 🙂

Having successfully finished the 10 Day Master Cleanse, I began to carefully return to normal food, a process that takes 3 days. And you can find out how I came off the cleanse in the next article.

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  1. Hello, I am currently on day four with my sister. I’m wondering what laxative tea you were using it sounds like it worked great? Thanks

  2. Hello Ruth! As I mentioned on day 2, I am using Smooth Move laxative tea which is available at most health food stores. On that article, I have also linked to Smooth Move tea on Amazon.

    Kudos to you for taking responsibility for your own health and undergoing the cleanse. Godspeed to you.

  3. Today, 10/31/07, for me is day 10. What an experience and fulfilling journey. Mental clarity, eliminated pain in the joints when walking down the stairs first thing in the morning, much more positive, happy mind set. The benefits definitely outweigh the negatives. Don’t get me wrong, the first 2 days were tough, but if you hang in there it’s worth it. For me, having just turned 40, it was more of a test of my internal fortitude and discipline. I needed to prove to myself that I have the discipline to do this for 10 days. No cheating…keeping on the plan. The results speak for themselves. The other key benefit is that I dropped 20 lbs. in since starting the cleanse. I now feel confident that I can eat healthier and remain health focused to sustain this loss and continue to get healthier and in better shape. Good luck. Believe me, if I did it YOU can too!

  4. A warm congratulations to you, RD! You’ve made it.

    Thanks for providing your testimony for others to read.
    Godspeed to you.

  5. Hi – the comment from RD could be mine! And we even have the same initials.

    I was not tired of the lemonade – though I did mix it up with limeade and found that really helped. Maybe I just like limes better? I ended up going on a few extra days as I liked the experience I was having and my life did not cooperate for me to go off the cleanse at exactly 10 days. I found it pretty easy to maintain it actually.

    Afterwards, salads and fresh foods tasted enormously better too. 🙂

    Roxanne Darling´s last blog post..BizNet on Podcamp: How to Do a Skype Interview

  6. Thanks for stopping by, Rox! I’m glad you had such a positive experience. If I try this again, I’ll look into limes. Thanks for the tip, and congratulations for completing the cleanse!

    Psychic friend connection, indeed. 🙂

  7. Hey Andrew,

    Thanks for documenting your journey. I am about to complete day two: another 15 ounces and some tea before I hit the hay.

    For me it’s been a pain on the first day, but the second day got surprisingly easier. That is off course until my friends and I decided to go to the mall. As we walked by the food court, the smells were just making me so hungry. (I didn’t have the lemonade with me) but I hung in there lol. It’s really nice that my friends are so supportive of me doing this though.

    I’m doing it a bit differently because I actually do workouts in conjunction with the diet, but I did have a couple of small questions, and I was hoping you could answer them. (I haven’thad the chance to buy the book yet, so I wanted to find out)

    As far as the peppper goes, how much would you say be enough. I mean i get the whole teaspoon thing, but for 60 ounces, 1 teaspoon was a lot. The first day, everytime i took a sip, it just burned. Is it supposed to burn? Day two, I just put in like 12 shakes, which I hoped was enough, but there was no burn today, (but it tasted good though.) Now, I was a bit weirded out last night, because i lost 5 pounds on the first day, but now that I think about it, it’s probably because I didn’t eat anything that day, so all the food was out of my stomach? And finally, my last question is: I have a bottle that I drink the lemonade out of, it’s about 29-30 ounces. So I drink the first half during the day, but I can’t just carry the thing around with me everywhere I go, so Im sitting at 4am right now, finishing the other half while the water comes to a boil so i can drink the tea. Is it okay to do that? Or should I be drinking it through out the day?


    P.S. I hope you still check these.

  8. Hi Nick! Yes, of course I check my comments! Without my readers, I’m just a silly man in an echo chamber.

    To answer your question, the cayenne pepper didn’t really burn me. You may be putting in too much. While I don’t feel comfortable sharing the recipe out of the context of the book, I will say that it’s only 1/10 of a teaspoon per 8 oz of water. So, following that ratio, it’s 7.5/10ths of a teaspoon (or 3/4th of a teaspoon) per 60 oz of water. However, Burroughs says you can season to taste.

    I think he says this because the cayenne pepper is not quite as important as the other ingredients and affects people differently. The cayenne pepper is really there to help speed up digestion.

    You probably lost 5 pounds because that’s about how much food your entire digestive system is processing at any given point in time. Are you doing the salt-water cleanses? Those will clear everything out.

    It’s better to drink the Lemonade throughout the day because that’s going to be your only source of energy. You want to feel awake throughout the day, right? If you’ve read all 13 articles in this series, you know that I started out by accidentally not putting enough maple syrup in. I got really tired because of this.

    If you’re going to be out and about all day, I recommend you get a bigger water bottle or use more than one. Better to spread it out across the whole day.

    Also, if you’re not already, I recommend using a microwave to boil the water. It’s faster. 🙂

    Nick since you seem serious about this, I recommend buying the book. It’s the price of 2 cups of coffee these days, and how much better for your body is this than 2 cups of coffee? Much better. And besides, if you don’t have the book, how do you know you’re following the right recipe?

    Best of luck on your master cleanse journey! Let me know if you have any other questions. Godspeed to you!

  9. I am planning to start the cleansing process do you have to do the salt water flush daily or smooth move daily?

  10. Stanley Burroughs, who invented this cleanse, says the salt water daily cleanse is part of the Master Cleanse, yes. That being said I didn’t feel the need to use the salt-water cleanse after the 5th day or so. The smooth move tea is optional, and is used to make the cleanse more regular.

    As I’ve said before, I highly recommend buying the book. It’s only a few bucks and contains a complete description of what you need to know and can expect.

    Best of luck! Please stop by and let me know how it goes. Others will benefit from reading your experience, just like you benefitted from reading mine. 🙂

  11. i would like to say that i think this article is amazing. i am currently on day 7 of the MASTER CLEANSE, and i feel wonderful. i can totally relate on alot of what was stated in the article. my skin is clearing up and is not as oily, my body no longer craves or depends on caffine. my bed time is regulated, im in bed by 10pm. im happier, and am emotionally stable. this is the best experience i have put my mind through and i recommend it to all! 🙂

  12. Today is my 10th and FINAL DAY of the cleanse!! I LOVE reading these responses because now I can actually RELATE!!
    I admit: I DO MISS food and can’t wait to eat again, but I will DEFINITELY change some of my eating habits…I also admit that I am afraid of losing some of these WONDERFUL benefits that I am experiencing . The ENERGY is the biggest and most unexpected benefit…the clear mind…the glowing skin…ahhh…..The mental challenge has also strengthened me and deepened my faith in MYSELF!!!
    TWO THUMBS up from me for the master cleanse!

  13. I too am on day 10, I have been faithfully reading each caption you posted every night as the coinciding evening winds down. And I do relate. I have not found the immense energy most speak of, but I am also chasing a 2 and 3yr old and recently opened a store front! Things have been crazy here. I think my motivation for taking on this cleanse was not only healing in body, but also in mind. And to remind myself that amid all the chaos in my daily life I have control over myself and my reactions to everything. I find this cleanse has made me slow down and really investigate my movements during the day.
    I don’t know if I am done with the cleanse. I will ask myself tomorrow when I wake. For now, congratulations to all who have made it this far. I am pleased to count myself in your ranks!

  14. Congratulations VNA, Dee, and Venessa for embarking on this cleanse. I am so glad that my experience helped in your quest for a higher level of health. Please check back here and let me know of your progress.

  15. Today is my 1st day on the master cleanse I am pretty excited about it, I will use all of these great comments as motivation on how fantastic I will be feeling.

  16. Hey Allie,

    Congratulations for embarking on the Master Cleanse. If you follow the directions in the book, you’ll have experienced a great cleansing for your body.

    If you have any questions as you do the Cleanse that this 13 article series doesn’t address, please let me know in the comments here. 🙂

    Cleanse long and prosper!

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