My Journey into The Master Cleanse: Day 9

If you haven’t read My Journey into The Master Cleanse (Day 1 of 10) I suggest you read it, as this is a followup entry. It will give background info on what I am doing.

Number 9
Number 9
Number 9

I was in a restaurant today. How I ended up there is of no consequence, however, I will chance to say that I found Fazoli’s food less enticing than I might have if I wasn’t in the midst of this “Food Renaissance” that my body is currently experiencing, namely the Master Cleanse. I used my newfound super sense of smell, caused by the cleanse, to detect the vitality of the foods. The saucy pasta without vegetables smelled very “flat” to me, and the breadsticks seemed much too greasy to actually be edible.

Tomatoes on the VineAfter this fascinating foodless dining experience, I went out hunting and gathering for food. And as we know, in the 21st century that means huge mega-super-grocery centers. I had made a detailed list of ingredients to get for the soup I will be having in a few days, as outlined in The Master Cleanse book. I scoured the store for such things as legumes (which were mysterious to me at first), onions, zucchini squash, green peppers, carrots, tomatoes on the vine, and of course, brown rice.

On day eleven, I will begin with orange juice.
That will be a refreshing change.

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