Photo: Chest to Chest – A Pandemic Poem

Reflections on the times. Thank you to Jamie Catto & his lovely Zoom group for encouraging me to share this; the support I’ve received about this poem is amazing! MAHALO 💗

by Andrew Crusoe



We face a challenge, unlike any in living memory. A challenge that prevents us from even hugging those we love.

Sometimes I feel I miss hugging the most.

Yet though all of the suffering, we see the hope, the curve flattening, neighbors delivering food to the elderly, hand-made masks, difficult decisions being made, and miraculously, the physical distancing working.

Never before has it been more obvious to me that we are one people. And perhaps never before have we had a better opportunity to see it plainly. From Fiji to Finland, this virus unites us in a strange and deadly way.

This won’t last forever, and in such a world, perhaps it was inevitable. But afterward, I don’t think I’ll take physical touch for granted ever again.

And next time I hug you, please excuse me if I shed a tear.

Perhaps I never fully, entirely, felt a hug, chest to chest, my heart touching yours, until this moment, when our hearts beat as one.

Perhaps that’s what oneness really feels like. Completely without attachment, just merely knowing that your heart is responding to another heart…


Thank you for reading 🙏
Aloha from Hawaii 🏝

A Hidden Baby Beach near Hilo, Hawaii

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