Photo: Schrödinger’s Virus (pandemic poem)

Feeling gratitude for new connections, emotional intimacy, and trees. All 3 are healing, ESPECIALLY in this strange time we’re in. 🙏🌺 I wrote a new poem about the pandemic yesterday. It’s called:

By Andrew Crusoe

There once was a man named Schrödinger
Who imagined a curious cat
Was inside a bin
With some deadly poison
Only triggered by a radiostat

Inside of the small device there was
A few radioactive bits
And if even one slips
It triggers the poison
A 50% chance that death hits

According quantum mechanics
The strangest fact then becomes true
The cat is alive
The cat is also dead
Until, the box, you finally unscrew!

And thus we find ourselves now
We behave as though we have it
They say you can be
Yet still, unknowingly, transmit

We also act as though we are clean
Some may even pray to Osiris
With isopropyl
And never touch a soul…
We’ve been had by Schrödinger’s Virus!

Beautiful Banyan on Big Island

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