Podcast: Roxanne Darling Captures Nature & Creates Opportunities 🌊

Is it just me, or are most of us processing some heavy stuff right now? Frankly, my interview with the wise and calm Roxanne Darling, released today, feels like it comes at the PERFECT TIME. ️

Fine artist, writer, student of consciousness, and so much more, Rox brings such a grounding and peaceful energy. And she has some remarkable stories to share! From being one first video podcasters in the world (on an Oahu Beach!), to learning to LISTEN to the #CaliforniaRedWoods and create lovely art, to learning how to leverage that art even more with #NFTs (& OpenSea), Roxanne is a powerful, inspiring woman that I was honored to interview 💗

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Also, in the aftershow, Rox shares a WILD near-death experience in which she floats above her physical body. This matches up with much of my research, including stuff around The Monroe Institute (which I’d love to feature on the podcast) Rox’s story is illuminating, and you can hear all of it, and all past aftershows, over at Patreon.com/HelloCrusoe! At just $5 a month, you get ALL of my past aftershows, plus 3 FULL Ten Thousand Hours in Paradise audiobooks! (A $60 value)

Mahalo nui loa for your support! Every dollar helps support the show and allows it continue! And COMING THIS SUMMER, it’s going on the road to Europe! 🌍

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