Reel: Exactly one year ago today, I landed in England

Exactly one year ago today, I landed in England, beginning my slow-travel nomadic journey. On the same day I landed I also somehow I had enough energy to walk to the #BritishNaturalHistoryMuseum and take this picture. I want to thank everyone who has hosted me or helped me at any point in my journey. I am still humbled. It has been life-changing but I’m not done yet!

I’m now in Sri Lanka, soon assembling a team to provide constructive feedback on my new manuscript! It’s a new sci-fi novel, a tale of a world racing around a black hole, an out-of-body meditation retreat, heartbreak, deadly dimension-jumping worms, and lots of fun adventure. DM me if you’d like to be considered for the feedback team! Thanks #NomadicTravel

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