MYTH.LI is now the new home for all my Travel Writing

In an effort to consolidate and focus my efforts, I’ve retired the old site and migrated all content over to MYTH.LI

This was a long time coming. My travel has influenced my fiction since I began, so it was only natural to merge the sites and combine their power. Hundreds of posts and photos have been moved over (adding all 301 articles to the existing 40 that were already on MYTHLI). This was a big migration, so there may be oddities. For instance, the new web domain means that all of the Likes & Retweet counts for all travel-related pages were reset to zero. That’s kind of a bummer, but such is the nature of the web. So if you like anything you see, please like or retweet it! Doing that really helps.

Thankfully, all the redirects appear to be working smoothly, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties with the links. If you’re having trouble finding something you need, please feel free to contact me.

Anyway, welcome to the new home for my work.

Please go ahead and explore!

– A