Byteful Travel Carnival 1 – Inaugural Edition

Today, I’m excited to present to you some really compelling articles (including some really amazing stories) from all over the planet.

Below is the inaugural edition of the Byteful Travel blog carnival which spans a variety of travel topics. And I’m happy to report that the majority of the articles below include some great photography to compliment the text (some of which is absolutely hilarious!).

As I said last month, blog carnivals are one of the best ways to discover new quality content in a vast array of different topics. For this first carnival, I was impressed by all of the articles, but if you’re in a hurry and only have time to read a few, I thought “13 Silly Signs Guaranteed to Make You Smile” (which is really hilarious), “20,000 kilometres by thumb: A hitchhiker’s lap around Australia” (which is pretty extraordinary), and “Hawaii Vacation with Parents and Children – The Waikoloa Petroglyph Field” were especially enjoyable entries.

Ready? Here we go…


William Wallace presents:
Modern Day London Icon The Millennium Bridge posted at London Is Cool

Zhu presents:
Ushuaia, The End Of The World posted at Correr Es Mi Destino, saying,

“Traveling to the Southernmost city in the world is pretty exciting. Sure, it’s a silly symbol, but it’s fun to sit by the seaside and imagine that Antarctica is right there, barely 1,000 kilometers away. To know that Canada is 13,000 km north. To reach the end of the road, literally.”


Katie Sorene presents:
13 Silly Signs Guaranteed to Make You Smile posted at Travel Blog – Tripbase

Travel Poetry

Contrecoup presents:
Sojourn posted at Life observed from the Edge (the site has since been taken down), saying,

“Not so much a tale about a destination, but rather a poem exploring some of the more abstract urges that drive me to continue on down the road.”

Travel Tips

Andy Hayes presents:
Inspired by the View posted at Sharing Travel Experiences, saying,

“Sometimes a little height is all you need…”

Travel Stories

Jordy Clements presents:
Tents for Haiti – an Omaha relief effort posted at – Local Writing from the Heartland

Emily Gerson presents:
An Encounter With Cross-Country Vagabond Sean Robinson posted at Maiden Voyage

Andrea Nicole presents:
20,000 kilometres by thumb: A hitchhiker’s lap around Australia posted at

Jennifer Miner presents:
Hawaii Vacation Parents Children – Waikoloa Petroglyph Field posted at The Vacation Gals, saying,

“A simple hike in Hawaii with my parents and children became incredibly meaningful to me. I hope you like this post.”

Austin Morgan presents:
Interview with an American Working at a Preschool in Norway posted at Foreigners Finances, saying,

“Interview with an American woman who moved away from everything she ever knew in Central Illinois to start a new life as a preschool teacher in Norway.”

Vicki Potts presents:
Fez, Morocco – how I got the travel bug posted at redheadedtravels, saying,

“This goes back 22 years to when I first caught the travel bug and progressed from holidays to travelling.”

Iain Manley presents:
Travel and Nostalgia posted at Old World Wandering: A Travelogue, saying,

“Travel and Nostalgia is about the difference between how we experience life and how we remember it, something I think travel helps to highlight.”

Want to grow your audience?

You too can be a part of Byteful Travel carnival! If you’re a writer, and you’ve written something that relates to travel in some way, I’d highly encourage you to submit a piece you’re proud of.

Why? Because blog carnivals are a fantastic way to get the word out about what you’re publishing on the ‘net. I know this from firsthand experience because blog carnivals have been incredibly helpful in spreading the word about this site.

To request an article you wrote to be considered for inclusion next time, please submit your blog post (just one please, and one that provides real value and is not spam) to the next edition of the Byteful Travel carnival using the Byteful Travel carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found in the blog carnival index. (And if you’d like to host the carnival itself, as I have done here, please contact me via the contact page.)

A big thanks to everyone who submitted! Without you, this carnival never would have happened. And if you submitted an article but it wasn’t accepted, it probably was under 300 words or it wasn’t about travel. If you have any questions about how to submit an article or why your article wasn’t accepted, please let me know.

Looking forward to seeing more of your travel articles in the next carnival!

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  1. What an honor to be part of your inaugural blog carnival. Thank you! I enjoyed reading some of the other blog posts you listed here too.

  2. I have been following your blog for a week or so. Thank you for the very useful blog. Keep up the good work.

  3. @Jennifer

    Thank you for submitting 🙂


    I’m glad you’re enjoying it. There’s much to come…

  4. Hi – I just discovered your carnival and I’m super excited! It looks like tons of fun. I’m looking forward to participating… for now, I’m off to check out some of these great links! 🙂