The Traveller’s Mantra: Embrace Joy

All that You see is temporary.

All of it will pass away.

Yet your awareness will remain.

In the end, You are indestructible. All of the struggle, the pain, and the heartache is temporary, freely given to you as an instrument for your own growth. You can chart your own path through countless adventures, even in the face of incredible opposition. Do not doubt your power. Wiser ones than You have slept beside the street, penniless, in times of trouble.

Embrace Joy.

Because they survived. The great travellers of the past did not fret over tomorrow. They focused it. They imagined it. And then, they let it go, knowing that tomorrow was a myth yet sleeping within their dreaming minds, a myth that did not exist until it became today, completely unrecognizable from what they had imagined. They knew that delving into anxiety proved itself to be yet another example of a loss of faith, so they made a choice.

Embrace Joy.

Once, a wanderer struggled to pick up Faith and take it with him. He struggled for many years, until he realized that his hands were already filled with the slimy fragments of Worry. This worry had different flavors and forms: worry over loneliness, worry over possessions, and worry over the future. And the Wanderer realized that there was no room for Faith while he still clung to the Worry that he had held onto for so long. Yet the Wanderer wanted the Faith very much, so he struggled and struggled to open his hands and release his Worry. He struggled and strained, until at last he opened his hands and the Worry fell to the ground, like a lifeless worm from the Abyss. And then, with great care, the Wanderer picked up Faith.

Suddenly, a radiant path appeared before him.

And he set foot onto the path.

And embraced Joy.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by, Patricia! 🙂 This article really just struck me one day, and I knew I had to write it down before the wave passed. Glad you got value out of it.