Byteful Travel Blog Carnival 13 – 2012 July

Believe it or not, it’s been over two years since I started the Byteful Travel blog carnival.

And now, we’ve come to the 13th edition, containing a whopping 21 entries! It’s definitely growing, and I am truly thankful that my fellow travel writers continue to support what has become one of the few travel-themed blog carnivals left.

However, I feel it’s my duty to give you a heads up about an announcement that put out on Sunday. Basically, they’re putting the entire website up for sale and looking for new management. Now, depending on who ends up with the site, this could potentially be really bad for the blog carnival community. I doubt it’s simple to maintain such a popular site with such a huge database (see also: the outages has had this year), so it’s very possible that the site could be shut down or mismanaged by whoever buys it.

If you care at all about blog carnivals or have found the site useful, you may want to email the guys and encourage them to go with a buyer that will continue to maintain the community. Just thinking out loud here.

Anyway, even in a worst-case scenario, the Byteful Travel blog carnival doesn’t need to go away. I’m open to accepting submissions through my contact form. And I have to accept the possibility that this may be the only way for you to submit to the next BTBC carnival. So if you read this in the future and you can’t find the “byteful travel blog carnival” on, you might want to contact me to submit.

So there’s your heads up on the ‘sitch. I for one am going to keep a positive attitude about this. It is possible that whoever buys it will actually improve the site. 🙂

The Best of BTBC #13

As I said, there were some really high-quality posts submitted this time. If you’re new to blog carnivals, they’re a smart way to discover new writers that you wouldn’t normally come across. And each time I publish a new edition of BTBC, I highlight three articles that stand out from the crowd, the ones you shouldn’t miss. There were so many excellent submissions that it was hard to narrow down!

  1. That Time I was Shipwrecked by Laurence Norah is a pure shot of adventure if there ever was one! Not only was Laurence shipwrecked in the middle of nowhere, but he had to swim in shark-infested waters to signal help. Classic.
  2. The Gohemians Guide to India: Part 2 – Agra by Emma is a wonderful continuation to her first India story. Once again, she included a lot of stunning photos, including the Taj Mahal. Best of all, we find out the stunning reason behind why the Taj Mahal is truly the most romantic monument ever built.
  3. My Most Incredible Food Experience by Emily is a visceral retelling of her trek to Gangabal Lake, complete with stunning views and a reward at the end. There’s nothing like eating mystery meat served to you by a guide named Mushtak! Wonderful photos, as well.

A Reminder & A Win-Win-Win

One last thing: if one of your articles is in this month’s edition, I’d really appreciate it if you would tweet, stumble, and “Like” this carnival on Facebook. Remember, spreading the word multiplies the reach of this blog carnival which in turn helps more people discover your article, as well. Thanks in advance!

So without further yadda-yaddas, here are the lovely submissions:

Travel Destinations

Emma Goho presents:
The Gohemians Guide to India: Part 2 – Agra posted at GohemianTravellers, saying,

“Here is my account of Agra and the marvelous Taj Mahal. Lots of tips to sink your teeth into — it really is a must for your travel wishlist. :)”

Tim Leffel presents:
Tim Leffel’s Cheapest Destinations posted at Tim Leffel’s Cheapest Destinations, saying,

“A rundown on current prices for travelers in one of Europe’s great capital cities: Budapest.”

Violeta Matei presents:
Greeks of Kayakoy, Go Home! The Bitter Meaning Of Going Home posted at Violeta Matei, saying,

“The ghost town of Kayakoy makes the traveler think of war cruelties and casualties. Entire populations were forced to leave their country just because they belonged to a different church.”

Violeta Matei presents:
Searching for Dracula: Bucharest to Bran and Return posted at Violeta Matei, saying,

“If you visit Romania, take this tour to see old fortresses and Dracula’s castle.”

Annie presents:
5 Ways to See Ghosts in Savannah posted at NerdWallet Travel, saying,

“Go see some supernatural residents of beautiful historical Savannah, Georgia.”

Danielle A. Hall presents:
10 Budget & Family Friendly Things To Do When You Visit Orlando posted at Cents Making Sense. (Site Down.)

Travel Photography

Tui Snider presents:
iPhone Photo Essay: Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens, Texas posted at Tui Snider’s travel blog, saying,

“I hope you enjoy this iPhone photo essay about my recent trip to The Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center. The TFFC is more than just a place to view fish: it includes a freshwater fish hatchery, a hiking trail, several aquatic exhibits and outreach programs dedicated to the preservation of Texas wetlands. And yes, you can even go fishing there!”

Zhu presents:
City Under Siege posted at Correr Es Mi Destino, saying,

“The French love to rebel against the establishment, and spring is generally the start of “protest season”. But while the protest itself was fairly innocuous (the mayor wants to build a brand-new airport, some argue that they are being expropriated), the police force deployed seemed pretty disproportionate. It felt like being under siege.”

Zhu presents:
NYC: Wall Street and The WTC Site posted at Correr Es Mi Destino, saying,

“As we walked toward the site of the WTC, under a clear blue sky like this fateful day of September, I was offered a whole new perspective.”

Travel Stories

Mayan Story TabletHenry presents:
La Selva Animal Preserve in Playa Carrillo, Costa Rica posted at Finding Freedom, saying,

“This article examines La Selva Animal Preserve in Playa Carrillo, Costa Rica. The preserve cares for animals injured in the wild or kept illegally as pets, and then releases the animals back into the wild. La Selva does wonderful work and provides photographers and storytellers of all levels with ample material.”

Shanna Schultz presents:
Having Trouble Coming Home: The Dark Side of Travel Addiction posted at There and Back Again, saying,

“This is a very personal piece that I wrote after coming home from France last week. I think that it is relevant to many regular travelers (and I am curious to know if other people have felt the same way that I did after coming home this time).”

Flashpacker presents:
The Payas of Mandalay: Monks and Monasteries posted at FlashpackAtForty, saying,

“On our recent visit to Burma Myanmar, as part of our around the world trip, we travelled to the Monks and Payas on Mandalay. We’d initially been underwhelmed by Myanmar, but there was something magical in the air that changed our minds.”

Katie Sorene presents:
My Most Incredible Food Experience posted at The Flying Fugu, saying,

“This writer tells the story of her most incredible food experience: home cooked curry en route to Gangabal Lake, Kashmir.”

Ken Lange presents:
3 Folksy Stories from a Small Fishing Village posted at Kenneth Lange, saying,

“Three small stories about life in a small fishing village. I think they show that all places, regardless of size, are worth visiting. :)”

Laurence Norah presents:
That time I was shipwrecked posted at Finding the universe, saying,

“A blogpost detailing the time I was shipwrecked!”

Andi presents:
Southwest Road Trip 2012 Day 2: Zion National Park (Part 2) posted at Misadventures with Andi.

Bastiaan Reinink presents:
Houston, I have a problem (with you!) posted at Perpetual Wonder.

Travel Tips

Toni Graybill presents:
Pyramid of the Moon – Beware these 2 tricks posted at A Fun Travel Cat.

JourneysintheCloud presents:
27 Things Travel can Teach You posted at Journeys in the Cloud.

Hi. Let me ask you a question. You got BC?

If you write well (and you’ve written something that relates to travel), and you haven’t submitted to the BTBC before, can I ask you a question? What are you waiting for? Blog Carnivals are an amazing and free way to get more exposure to your work. And to those of you who continue to submit month after month: thanks again for supporting the BTBC! By doing so, you reach multitudes, many of which have never even seen your site before, so it’s a real win-win-win situation.

I know this from firsthand experience because blog carnivals have been helpful in spreading the word about Byteful Travel. So if you’re a writer, and you’ve written something that relates to travel, submit a piece you’re proud of to the next BTBC by going to the submission form. (If that link doesn’t work, you can contact me.) Just remember to read the simple ground rules.

Also, if you enjoyed the carnival, you’ll probably enjoy the Byteful Travel Weekly Recap, as well. It automatically collects the best content from writers I’ve hand-picked from around the web (most of which I’ve discovered because they’ve submitted to the BTBC).

So until next time, may your travels spark your soul to even greater heights. 🙂

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