Introducing the Free Byteful Travel Newsletter

Today, I’m announcing something brand-new: the Byteful Travel Newsletter.

What’s your favorite newsletter? My goal is not to merely rival your favorite email newsletter. In time, I want the Byteful Travel Newsletter to take its place as your favorite.

I realize I probably won’t be to achieve the title of your favorite newsletter for a while, but this is my long-term goal. (On the other hand, if you enjoy Byteful Travel but you don’t currently subscribe to any email newsletters, I hope the Byteful Travel Newsletter will be your first, because it will contain the same kind of breathtaking photography and inspirational content that this site does; and more. More on that in a minute.)

A Newsletter Designed for You, The Adventurer

In order to achieve this goal, I’ve decided to build this free newsletter around your needs; including serving as a continual reminder that you are an adventurer, that it’s up to you (and only you) to create the adventure your life was meant to be.

And as it says in the right-hand sidebar, this newsletter is going to relay “pure adventuristic joy”, which means that this newsletter will convey the same vibrance and energy that the articles here on Byteful Travel do.

The focus of the newsletter will always be enlightenment through travel, but the way it’s presented and the frequency of new issues is largely up to you guys, my adventuresome readers. So this means that anyone who signs up for the newsletter and sends me feedback will have a direct effect on what the newsletter becomes. I very much value and expect feedback on what you want out of this newsletter.

What can you expect?

Let me be super clear here. As I said above, you will have a direct affect on how the newsletter changes over time, so I can’t predict what the newsletter will evolve into. However, although the newsletter will adapt to the needs of the subscribers over time, I do have a vision for what I will initially include.

So you can get a better idea what to expect, I plan to include:

  • Travel Insights and Tips which aren’t published anywhere on the site
    (some bits of advice that don’t necessarily warrant their own articles)
  • First Impressions if I’m currently on assignment when a newsletter is sent
    (this will give you a sneak peak of what’s to come to Byteful Travel before it’s ever published to the web)
  • A Short Recap of any articles published since the last newsletter
    (so you’ll never miss out on any of the adventure or photography)

So in exchange for signing up for the newsletter, you’ll be receiving insights, tips, and first impressions that will be exclusive to the newsletter and not available anywhere else on the web, all free of charge. And keep in mind that the list above isn’t set in stone, either. I’m going to let the newsletter improve and evolve over time into whatever form serves its purpose best.

The bottom line is, I want this newsletter to be the most fascinating, exciting thing in your inbox when it arrives, which means making it vibrant, inspiring, and exceptional. I realize I may not hit that mark first time out of the gate, but it’s my goal to get there eventually. And I will.

How often will it arrive?

I expect that it will be sent out every other month, but the frequency of new issues will depend on how much extra time this requires, the reaction that the newsletter receives from readers, and the feedback I get on the first few issues.

I won’t send out the first issue until there’s a decent amount of subscribers to actually send the first issue out to. (And keep in mind that it’s super easy to unsubscribe if for some reason you decide later that you’d rather not receive the Byteful Travel Newsletter.)

And in case you were curious, your email address will be kept completely confidential and never sold for any amount of money (unlike some sites), you can unsubscribe easily any time, and I’ll never play silly marketing games with you because I hate spam as much as you do. Seriously, “hate” is a mild word for how I feel about spam. The last time I checked, spam never inspired or helped anyone, so it has no place anywhere near the Byteful Travel Newsletter.

That being said, I’m really looking forward to communicating with you all in a new medium (for me), sharing the my best travel sights and insights, and doing what I can to help you embrace enlightened adventures.

Basically, if you enjoy reading Byteful Travel, you’ll love the Byteful Travel Newsletter. Do you have any thoughts on what should be included or left out? Let me know below or on the Contact page! I’m listening, and I’m looking forward to sharing what’s in store.

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