Coming off of The Master Cleanse (Part 1)

If you haven’t read My Journey into The Master Cleanse (Day 1 of 10) I suggest you read it, as this is a followup entry. It will give background info on what I am doing.

Day 11:

Coming Off Cleanse: Day 1

Although the cleanse is over, I felt the effects of the Smooth Move Tea this morning. One good thing about the tea is how early it wakes me up. In one way, it’s the best alarm clock I could ask for.

OrangesComing off of the cleanse is outlined as follows:

For those who have characteristically lived the unnatural way of meat, milk, refined and devitalized food, it may be best to change over as follows, gradually adopting the raw fruit, nut, and vegetable diet:

FIRST DAY: Several 8 oz. Glasses of fresh orange juice as desired during the day. Drink it slowly.

Fresh orange juice is not what you find in a paper carton, it’s what you find in oranges. Because the details here are so sparse, I felt the need to create a little recipe.

How to make an Orange Purée

  1. Wash your hands ❗
  2. Rinse the oranges
  3. Peel 2 large oranges
  4. Separate oranges into sections
  5. Place in blender
  6. Blend for 60 seconds
  7. Add about 4 ice cubes
  8. Blend for about 30 seconds
  9. Enjoy!

After improvising that recipe, I had created a very delicious Orange Purée. Highly Recommended.

My process of coming off the cleanse continues in the next article.

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  1. I like the idea of using Orange puree. Natural is always best. Did you notice an improvement in your energy levels from this cleanse Andrew?