Reel: Disneyland Paris spooks in the Phantom Manor!

Join me inside of the creepiest part of #DisneylandParis#PhantomManor! seriously I love the #HauntedMansion and this was pretty close. Pretty funny to see some of the ghosts speaking French though ALSO, my Hawaii adventure book “Ten Thousand Hours in Paradise” is FREE on all ebook stores! Probably until the end of the year, so GOOGLE it, and find out why it has over 400 positive ratings on Amazon alone. Enjoy #supportindieauthors

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Photo: Free Book Starter Pack now updated & signup process streamlined!

Well guys, I finally did it. I finally SPICED UP my free book starter pack! I’m actually VERY excited about getting this done cuz it contains a remastered 2022 version of my dark Sci-Fi novella “The Loveliest Abyss in the Universe”, with New Art AND it also includes the first 5 chapters of #TenThousandHoursInParadise, my #TrueHawaii adventure story that’s received over 400 POSITIVE ratings on Amazon 🔥

And if you bought a copy of any of my novels during the sale this month… SUPER gratitude and Mahalo to you! 🌺 Seriously, it’s such an honor that you enjoy my ideas and stories.

Btw, since the ebooks are delivered by BookFunnel, it’s super easy to put them on any device or even read them in a web browser. Enjoy! →

And yeah, you can unsubscribe anytime, but my updates are so fun it’s actually pretty rare 😉

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