Podcast: Garrett Lisi takes Smart Risks & Wins 🍀 (Investing Advice & more)

Today, I’m so excited to share a powerful interview with Garrett Lisi, brilliant theoretical physicist, investor, speaker, and founder of the Pacific Science Institute on Maui! Just head over to the Ascendant podcast page or click one of the buttons below.

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In this expansive conversation, we talk about Garrett’s unusual #AbundanceJourney from investing stocks when he was a kid, #vanlife on Maui, his famous TED talk about a new #TheoryOfEverything, why #StringTheory is silly, the future of investing, #cryptocurrency predictions, and so much more.

Also, in the aftershow, we delve even more into investing, as well as the most probable way #FirstContact with intelligent life could happen. All of that, and all past after shows, are over at Patreon.com/HelloCrusoe! As a supporter, you get all of the past aftershows, plus 3 full Ten Thousand Hours in Paradise audiobooks.

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