Reel: Hike up Sarangkot to see the 10th Tallest Mountain!

Let’s hike up Sarangkot to see the 10th Tallest Mountain IN THE WORLD: #Annapurna1 🏔 Fun fact: the #AnnapurnaRange is part of the #Himalayas, and contains tons of peaks over 7000 meters. (Annapurna 1 is 8,091 m!) And if you make it over to #Pokhara, you can hike to the top of #Sarangkot and see, completely free of charge. This is one reason I wholeheartedly recommend that everyone make it over to Pohkara; I found it especially inspirational as I wrote my 7th book there, a #tropicalscifi adventure What an amazing planet I find myself on! 🌍 #ExploreNepal #NomadicAuthor #slowtraveller

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Photo: Andrew standing on Vhalam Suspension Bridge in Pokhara, Nepal

Last year, I got the chance to explore Pokhara, 2nd largest city in Nepal🇳🇵 Most of it doesn’t feel like a city. It’s a fun mix of cuisine, caves, incredible hills overlooking #AnnapurnaRange, and literally GORGEOUS views. 🌁

What’s the coolest bridge you’ve ever visited?

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