Photo: Narnia 5 Waterfalls Poem (Hilo)

Five waterfalls
Wash away all your cares
Drink in, with your eyeballs
⁣⁣Long we’ve travelled
Seeking what’s transcendent
Attachments unraveled

Tonight will be my 100th daily YouTube video.⁣ Thanks to everyone who has supported me on this journey! 💗  Should I keep going? I’ll also be relaunching HoloHoloTime interview podcast soon, so I may go to once-a-week next month to have time for that.
⁣Mahalo again for spreading the word about my work. BIG audiobook news soon 🥳
⁣”Everybody is fundamentally the #UltimateReality, not God in a kingly sense, but God in the sense of being the Self, the deep-down basic *whatever* there is. ⁣And you are all That, only you are pretending you are not.” ~ #AlanWatts
⁣⊂ #TatTvamAsi
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