Photo: Concept Sketch of Ashakirta (My favorite Strong Female Character)

It’s OK to take time for self-care & self-healing. When we are depleted, we can’t help others very much, but when we are charged up, we can make a big impact! As a healer, Asha knows this all too well. Here’s my favorite sketch of Ashakirta — she’s such a strong, inspirational woman! (Find her in my Sci-Fi trilogy.)

Speaking of inspirational women, Leela Rasa just became my newest Patreon supporter yesterday! Thank you so much! Work on TEN THOUSAND HOURS IN PARADISE continues apace! (And thanks to Shookooboo for doing this great concept drawing as part of his work for The Truth Beyond the Sky cover.)

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My Favorite Concept Sketch of Ashakirta, strong female character from The Truth Beyond the Sky