The Cutest House Sparrow hops on 1 Leg @ Island Naturals, Pahoa, Hawaii video

Today’s video was just TOO cute not to publish, especially the first 10 seconds.

Just outside of Island Naturals Market there’s a prime place to find birds scavenging, but on one particular day, I noticed a small house sparrow with a broken leg that seemed braver than the others. It got closer than many of them would dare. At the time, I called it a 1-leg bird, but really, it did have 2 legs.

It’s birds like this that inspire me to create quirky characters like the Jagrul bird… Anyway, enjoy this 42-second clip! This house sparrow is pretty adorable.


Me: Hey, little guy! I will call you, 1-legged Jim.
Woman: He’ll come back. He’ll chew that, and then he’ll come back for that little chunk.
Me: Cute. He’ll come back.
Woman: How long have you lived on the Big Island?
Me: Over a year.
Me: Oh, and now he gets all camera shy. So close. So close to the sandwich before. You’ll be back! He’ll be back.

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