Hiking Tony Grove Lake 8,000 feet up in Utah Mountains video

In an unpredictable series of events, I’ve decided to post a video of a remarkable lake bustling with wildflowers, birds, and even June snow.

Context: We recently had a friend come visit and took her up to Tony Grove Lake, which is remarkable for many reasons, not the least of which is its 2400+ meter (8000+ ft.) elevation.

It was formed by a glacier (of course), and even though it was June, the elevation had preserved whole patches of snow, enough so that we built a tiny snowman next to the green grass. We even saw a Cooper’s Hawk. (And rest assured, I’ll return to the Hawaii videos soon.)

Of course, the best way to experience this remarkable wild place is by going there, but until then, this video should tide you over. It’s called Hiking Tony Grove Lake in the Utah Mountains:


Montezuma’s Revenge, little rodents that carry The Plague, water bugs, eating tree sap, Snowman on a mountainside, Cooper’s Hawk riding the thermals, and a view of Tony Grove Lake.

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