Live Violin & Hang drum music at ‘La Hiki Ola’ Kava Bar video

On my way back from a short adventure in the North, I passed by the wondrous “La Hiki Ola” Kava Bar in downtown Pahoa.

I still can’t remember exactly why I was compelled to go up the narrow steps to the seldom-seen upper floor of the Kava Bar, but perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised since, as you’ll see in the video timestamp, this all happened almost exactly one year ago.

In any case, I found myself in the midst of a remarkable performance. Zhu the violinist, her boyfriend, and Dave, the owner, were jamming in a most zen-like and relaxing way. I found the music entrancing, and I’m so happy to finally share it with you today. If you like it, please retweet or Like this post. It really helps me bring you more videos straight from the heart of the Big Island.

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None. It’s all just jams.

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