The 27-Tongued Nightmare Sea Creature, Big Island Hawaii video

Our Hawaii adventure continues today with the final video in the Richardson Beach trilogy of Big Island, Hawaii shorts.

After making the dangerous jump, we enjoyed sea turtles, hilarious tourists, and exploring the rocky coastline. And we soon discovered a truly bizarre creature nestled under on the rocks, a creature I’ve come to consider the scariest ocean creature I ever saw on Hawaii: the 27-Tongued Nightmare.

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Me: Now you gotta touch one of those white tongues.
The Lady: Eww, what if it stings me?
Me: And tell me if it stings you. Haha, just kidding, don’t. Anything could happen.
The Lady: I’m just not sure what this organism is. I don’t think touching it is a good idea.
Me: No I don’t think so either.
The Lady: I mean, part of me is really tempted to just…
Me: I’ve done that. But not with something that looks like it’s out of my NIGHTMARES. It’s really nightmarish. Look at that, imagine something, with twenty-four—
The Lady: We need to get out of the way!
Me: Oh, god! And now it’s dead. No it’s not cuz I can breath underwater. It’s just gonna be there chillin’, and waiting for some dumb fish to touch one of his twenty-seven tongues.
The Lady: He’s gonna spiral it into his ever-capacious mouth.
Me: He’ll secret it away into his 15th stomach, like the sarlacc.

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