A Hawaiian Transgender Sea Turtle video

The Byteful Glimpse series continues today with a transgender sea turtle video, taken at the lovely Richardson Beach just outside of Hilo on the Big Island.

Why transgender?

Well, you’ll just have to watch the video to find out. (And no, the data in this video wasn’t enough to confirm that, but it’s possible! Transgendered creatures have gotten a bad rep in the past, and today I want to set the record straight. This turtle was super cool.)

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Me: You can tell by the tail? Really? All right, I stand corrected.
The Lady: Males have longer tails because they use it to reach under the shell and inseminate the female.
Me: Wow. Thanks for telling all of my subscribers that. They’re going to log that one away.
The Lady: She’s pretty cool though. I wonder what she’s thinking about us.
Me: She’s probably wondering if we’re going to give her some rad food. Look at this guy, paddling out. Pretty good day for turtling… There he goes! Go! I’m deciding you’re male so, that’s all.
The Lady: Maybe it’s a gender *garbled*
Me: You think it could be a transgender, uh, should that be the name of the video? Transgender sea turtle? That would get some hits, right? There he goes!

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