My Journey into The Master Cleanse: Day 2

If you haven’t read My Journey into The Master Cleanse (Day 1 of 10) I suggest you read it, as this is a followup entry. It will give background info on what I am doing. These daily updates serve as progress reports as I undertake this cleanse. They are provided in the hope that they will be useful for those who are undertaking it as well.

Day Two

Generally, people dream of food while on this cleanse, and I was no exception. I dreamt of bread (I think it was a baguette) and making the mistake of eating it. Yet in the dream I half-realized that I was only dreaming, so I wasn’t worried. I suddenly woke up as if being launched out of the dream and felt relieved that I’d eaten nothing, but my stomach was ready for some substance.

Salt Water Cleanse Madness

Please, do not make the mistake of only drinking a half liter of the special salt water blend. Now I’m quite sure it contributed to the discomfort in the intestines that I experienced for about an hour afterward. After drinking another half liter, it slowly began to get better. It seems that when an inadequate amount salt water is taken, it doesn’t go through the digestive system as fast.

Research your Measurements

I decided to test my measurements and discovered that 8 tablespoons is actually a half cup, which means that I wasn’t actually using tablespoons because tablespoons hold a half ounce. Apparently, I had only put in half the needed amount of maple syrup in yesterday’s Lemonade-X. Perhaps that explains why I feel more useful today, twice the sugar. 🙂

The Net Effect for the 2nd Day

Though my arms felt strange numb sensation in the afternoon, the feeling went away after a while. Could this be the toxins being released from my arms? I made a cup of the Smooth Move Tea, and, having plenty of energy, went outside to watch the Perseid meteor shower!

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