Adventures in Lilac

Today I wandered outside, blinking strangely in the afternoon sun, and set my eyes upon the lilac in my backyard. On an impulse, I took out my camera and began snapping photos at different and precarious angles. The blooms were at their “peak bloominess” today, and my only regret was that they weren’t slightly dewy as they had been two years earlier. I did take photos back then, so you may get to see those in the future. In any case, this was better than the bloomless year of 2006 when late frost had killed the poor bush just days after it began to come to life again after the long winter. That was a sad spring, and I must confess to cursing the frost for the damage it had caused. Though I have to wonder how effective it is to curse a nonsentient phenomenon…

As I continued to snap away, I was able to enter inside the bush itself because two years earlier the dead parts had been removed and it had been trimmed to perfection. Oddly enough, this resulted in a significant void in the very middle of the bush, allowing enough space for one person to occupy, but it also provided a unique photography opportunity. As I studied the canopy of leaves and blooms above me, I couldn’t help but wish that this space was larger and that I could put a hammock below it so I could enjoy my own private sanctuary from the glaring sun. Being so close to nature, one inevitably begins to notice things that they’ve taken for granted… such as the infinitely complex fractal patterns created by the veins on any green leaf. And I remember how thankful I am that life on this planet is so intriguing.

Lilac Blooms and LeavesSoon I was satisfied with the light I had captured and returned inside. After noticing indoor air was rather muggy and opening some windows, I was struck by an idea. Why not begin Byteful Photo today? I have had a photo section in mind for a while and today is the perfect opportunity. Looks like Lilac Bloom 2007 is my photo debut for the Photography section. More to come. Enjoy.

All photos in Byteful Photos can be used as desktop wallpapers because they are high resolution (1920×1440) just as the fullscreen & widescreen wallpapers are.