How to Deal with Obsolescence

How do you deal with obsolescence?

Let’s back up: can you spell it without using your dictionary? Right now I can’t, but that may have something to do with my state of mind which is rather cloudy as I’m sure Webster’s mind was when he decided that the sounds “ob-sole-ess-ens” should be spelt with two C’s… but I digress.

Just minutes ago, I dealt with obsolescence. As I mentioned in my last entry, I created a site before this one – well, a few actually, but that’s another story. The site contained some of the first content I ever put on the net. When the Gallery went online, suddenly there were two copies of all my work on the web. Isn’t that a good thing? No, because my old site had a completely different brand. If people happen to come across both sites after they do a search for something I’ve created, say, Anabo Axestos, they would probably get confused. What’s worse, I would be fracturing my traffic onto two different sites for no good reason.

For months, I was planning on phasing out the old site, and now seemed like the perfect time. The old site has been erased from the server. Only a short message saying that the site is now offline remains. This is how I deal with obsolescence: in one fell swoop. And do you know how it made me feel? Free. Dragging out the inevitable wastes time and energy. More specifically, it wastes emotional energy that could be put towards new projects.

What bit of obsolescence are you dealing with right now? You can either take 30 seconds to think about it and make a decision about the current situation now – or you can let it continue to float around your head (and your life) as it slowly turns to brain crack. The choice is naturally yours, but I can tell you from experience that life is much more peaceful and relaxed when you’ve dealt with the loose ends, or at least made clear decisions about them.

Are you ready to let go of the obsolescence in your life?