Photo: Rainbow over Cliff near Uncle Robert’s market, Kalapana, HI

Today, remember that you DO create your reality. When you let go of your resistance and you allow the energy to flow, that’s when you feel clarity. That’s when you get to witness the power of the universe working to fulfill your desire. Accept how blessed you are, how worthy you are, how inextricably linked you are, to the entire universe.

p.s. The joy is in the journey.
p.p.s. The rainbow was a surprise 🌈

Rainbow by Uncle Robert's black sand beach, Kalapana, HI

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Photo: Secret Junkyard near Waikoloa Village, Big Island, HI

Near #WaikoloaVillage, there’s a strange little junkyard in a parking lot that was once meant to be a new housing development — at least that’s what some of my new friends heard. Either way, it’s quite an odd spot! There were even animal bones mixed in with the human trash.

I intend that the people who live nearby find a way to clean this up someday. I live over two hours away, but it still bothers me somewhat. Still, it makes for an interesting photo shoot, doesn’t it? Next post will be traditionally pretty, promise 🙂

Secret Junkyard near Waikoloa Village, Big Island, HI

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