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The Mirage on the Brink of Oblivion ebook coverA fast-paced, out-of-body Sci-Fi novel, The Mirage on the Brink of Oblivion is the 3rd installment in the Epic of Aravinda series.

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What if you could hold a memory in the palm of your hand?

In the Mirage, you can. Reachable only by leaving the physical body and entering the out-of-body state, the Mirage allows all within it to trade memories like souvenirs and create structures that defy physics. And now, after centuries, even the memory of the devastating Vakragha attack on their world has all but been forgotten, and most have lost touch with the physical world altogether.

Jyana is different. Driven by her desire to understand the natural world, she dedicates herself to studying the sea below Mirage City. Yet when she finds that the coral reef is being decimated, no one will take her seriously, not even Torin, whom she loves more than anyone. But Torin has other things on his mind: ambrosia shortages are getting worse. The colossal structures of the Mirage demand a regular supply, but its formula is a state secret.

In the midst of this confusion, everyone is shocked when a refugee from before the attack returns. Filled with questions, Asha has come with a secret mission which could destabilize the entire planet, causing the end of the Mirage itself.

A fast-paced, out-of-body Sci-Fi adventure, THE MIRAGE ON THE BRINK OF OBLIVION is the triumphant 3rd installment in the EPIC OF ARAVINDA.

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“How many novels involve etheric combat outside the physical body? It’s not spoiling the plot to say that a good portion of this book takes place beyond the physical plane. Crusoe takes world building to a new level here and the result is something to behold. The third book in the Aravinda series has all the elements of the first and second but amplified in intensity and inventiveness. If you enjoyed the first two, expect that trajectory to continue arcing upwards here. Highly recommended.” — Tom Minderle, Author of ‘Fringe Knowledge for Beginners’

“Half-way through my read, I was so intrigued I got a copy of the first book (The Truth Beyond the Sky) and read that (it was great, also). Although my ability to follow the story was unchanged, my appreciation was deepened. I am reminded of the epic space operas such as EE “Doc” Smith’s Lensman series — this has a breadth and scope that is similarly grand, and equally epic. But it has its own sense and texture. Strongly recommended, whether you are into space opera, general science fiction or fantasy — this book, this series, delivers.” — Kevin G. Rhoads, MIT Alumnus & Amazon Reviewer

“If you’ve read the previous books you’ll know what to expect from the often comical and budding relationship between Zahn and Asha and their rush to save the Galaxy before the Vakragha enslave it. This installment does a good job at wrapping up the storyline and leaving possibilities open for other stories within the Aravinda galaxy. Kudos to the author for tying in the works of Dr. Monroe and his work on the invisible landscape. The Aravinda trilogy has often blended modern spiritual teaching with science fiction that keeps it feeling light-hearted and positive, even in the midst of universal destruction. We could all use a dose of Andrew Crusoe’s positive perspective in these challenging times and “The Mirage on the Brink of Oblivion” is a well-crafted story for both young and old.” — Lamar Renville, Amazon Reviewer

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