Reel: The Legend of Fontaine de Voire

Later on, I learned that this is the #FontainedeVoire, and it has a legend! According to legend, the Phocaeans landed while an important ceremony was about to take place: the wedding of Gyptis, the king’s daughter. Two Phocaean chiefs, including Protis, were invited to the banquet. However, according to local custom, the king’s daughter chose her husband at this feast by offering him a glass of fresh water drawn from the Fountain of Voire, THIS FOUNTAIN.

In the evening, the young Gyptis offered the cup to Protis. The king then donated the land to the husbands of the Calanque du Lacydon, where Protis founded the city that would become Marseille. Wow. #marseillehistory #marseillelegend

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