Photo: Andrew contemplates life near Olomana’s 3rd Peak, Oahu

Often, it takes courage *not* to smile, *not* to give in to the societal expectation of happiness, to just BE with the moment, to feel your feelings, to allow them to be… whatever they are.

This is me, back in early April, contemplating if I wanted to risk myself scaling the 3rd peak of Olomana. Because of the gale-force winds, my friend and I decided not to. When we returned to Honolulu, we heard a story of someone who had died on the mountain the very day before. This person went to the 3rd peak, which was clearly a hazardous thing to do. The 1st and 2nd peaks were mild in comparison!

Trust your instincts. And follow your heart. But be sure to really listen to every part of yourself, BE with the moment, and reflect in gratitude. Even though we couldn’t scale the 3rd peak safely, the first two were magnificent and humbling.

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